Bloodborne – First impressions



Bloodborne’s difficulty is a refreshing change in platform open world titles, a challenge that I am enjoying after months of Elite:Dangerous.

It is not that each individual encounter is hard; far from it, it is quite easy to take down a single foe. Although when this difficulty is compounded by ever enemy that you face, as the ‘save’ points as few and far between, does it become a true challenge.

The environment has a baroque city feel to it, as the one righteous fighter you feel somewhat of an ‘I am Legend’ outsider… and Outsider is what you’re known as within the game.

My one frustration is lack of direction, although again relating this title back to elite; this makes it a little more interesting.

The game doesn’t spoon feed you, there’s no compass showing the next next objective, I don’t really know what the next objective is? ­čÖé

Game play to date, I first chose the axe, but found I couldn’t get far into Central Yharnam, so I restarted the game, this time choosing the slightly quicker Saw Cleaver as my primary weapon.

After a few hours of trial and error I made my way to the first boss, Cleric Beast. He kicked my arse a few times, until I had the option to use the Beckoning Bell .

I believe a tickle on this beauty calls another player into my game, to fight alongside me. This chap appeared looking like a top hatted enemy NPC, and set off to kick off with everything on screen, including the Cleric Beast, when we got there… then promptly, Mr Ben style, disappeared.

So, as prior, I now don’t know where exactly I am meant to wander, and I am not going to spoil the game by reading a guide… just yet.

I’ve worked my way through the last section a couple of time to build up my Blood Echos, that I have spent on level upgrades, a new snazzy outfit, and have upgraded my Saw Cleaver(+1)

So back to Yharnam, sure I will find another way to get my character’s arse handed to them ­čÖé

Turned out that it wasn’t another player who joined me, but the 2nd boss to face Papa G, aka Father Gascoigne, think having the music box allowed the request for assistance.

The battle with Papa G was a serious challenge, I had a good tactic, after the ~20th time of facing him, I was looking to beat his final beast form, he was down to 1/2 health, I had 8 molotov cocktails ready to finish him, when he glitched out.

I was using a tactic of running up the stairs, dealing hits when possible, and dropping onto the ledge (where the red broach can be found) to hit him a couple of times, then run back to the stairs and repeat.

However one time he fell off the ledge, behind a set of tombstones, lost aggression, and didn’t attack, retaliate, or change form.

Bit of an anti-climax, but I’d still triumphed ­čÖé

I’m now facing the 3rd boss battle, I’ve tried the fight a couple of times, I seem to be poisoned, so I need a way to take the medication quickly

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