roblox tower defense simulator I’ve access to Sony’s Playstation cloud based catalog, Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepass library, Steam, and others I’ve forgotten… but the one game that’s consuming my gaming hours is Roblox’s Tower Defense Simulator, […]


Finally made time to complete this choice title, Brothers: A Tale of two Sons A great story, an emotional roller-coaster, paced to perfection, but as all good games, just long enough. Very […]

Street Fighter iv Omega Mode

I’ve been playing far too much Elite:Dangerous! So much that I missed this patch to SSFiv back in December! Here are the changes, thanks to Eventhubs, now off to see how the […]

Finished the Great War

Another game I can tick off my I need closure list, spent an hour today finishing the story of Valiant Hearts: The Great War. An emotional end to a sombre tale, never […]