Back to Debian

My distro cycle continues, back to Debian I go. Installing my old SSD’s into my new box, Ubuntu wouldn’t load correctly with the display unusable… Manjaro funnily enough was OK. After recently […]

nano keyboard shortcuts

Reading a Reddit post about new a new version of nano being releases, and between the vi/vim sysadmin comments someone mentioned how nano keyboard shortcuts can be edited 🙂 I’ve tried vim […]

ML does Mario

I came across a model that intrigued me enough to trial last night, a machine learning model that speed runs through Super Mario Brothers, cool eh? Here’s the git uvipen/Super-mario-bros-PPO-pytorch Introduction Here […]

My first bash at Bash

Not sure why I haven’t got around to writing any shell commands / scripts in the past… here’s my first Bash :p Here’s an alias to check which country my VPN is […]