Top 5… retro games

I requested a post from, my then, pre-teen nephew, about what games he was playing and what he enjoyed, here’s his eloquent reasoned response 🙂 Me and my friends have recently been […]

grab the greasemonkey

I can’t believe it took me so long to find GreaseMonkey, from Greasepot: Greasemonkey is a user script manager. It is an extension for the Firefox web browser. So what does it […]

Long time no speak

Lots on since Novemeber: had to do a dash back to Blighty totally un-impressed with MW3 lvl 81 ~300 hours into Skyrim discovered the eloquent Scroobious Pip picked up playing the stylophone […]

not all drugs are good…

some are fantastic! Long time no post, games & work taking up my time & we don’t talk of my newly found reddit affliction. The one game that has been taking up […]

X-Butt 360

I’ve been a little lapse adding posts lately, working down country (PSP time) & gratuitous gaming have kept me away. When I set up this blog, I also built a few twitter […]

the calling of the free(net) world

I read this the other day & I’m shocked… well more disappointed. Google are apparently going to close accounts where users don’t use their real names. I don’t know how they can […]

killer star pattern

I’m really enjoying Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II The graphics are fantastic, better than FFXIII for the FMV sections. Then why oh why do the stars have to be wallpapered on […]