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Panama Canal

Once they selected the other proposal, we could have kept shopping ours around, but we would had to modify it include an aqueduct over their canal, which would be totally unreasonable.

Posted on 22 March 2019 | 4:00 am

Google Trends Maps

It's early 2020. The entire country is gripped with Marco Rubio fever except for Alaska, which is freaking out. You're frantically studying up on etiquette and/or sexting.

Posted on 20 March 2019 | 4:00 am

Luna 2

The flags were probably vaporized on impact, because we launched it before we had finished figuring out how to land. That makes sense from an engineering standpoint, but also feels like a metaphor.

Posted on 18 March 2019 | 4:00 am

Space Mission Hearing

Our grant application contains one of those little greeting card speakers that plays spaceship noises when you open it.

Posted on 15 March 2019 | 4:00 am