I have a confession to make, I like data! I have qualifications for understanding it, I’m paid to play with it, & dammit I mess with it for fun. So while searching through google faq’s today for more detail on 2 step verification, I came across Fusion Tables. Here’s a link to a table I’ve put together of all Xbox titles, sourced from the wiki page I’ve found a cool…

I like the idea of dynamic web content, as an analyst I love charts as a tool to describe trend in data. So here’re the subscriptions to my free Bill Hicks app It’s Just a Ride, over the last 30 days. I’m going to look into what data of interest I can source online, & see what charts I can create. Thinking google office, or whatever the aka is, will…

Thank you!

May 27, 2012

An Android user as paid for my simple Bill Hicks app, when a free one is readily available 🙂 Thank you for helping to cover my costs! I play with technology solely for the fun & learning experience, never for the money… if that was the case I’d have quit long ago 🙂 Thanks again, & I appreciate anyone else donating for the non ad version, available here: Google Play:…

It wasn’t just the tanks they stole, but the full concept of the game. Does no one remember Blizzards Warcraft? Humans vs Orcs collecting minerals, dark areas of the map… sound familiar? But this then was plagerism of Warhammer, wonder what Games Workshops cut was? ign cc-designers-steal-from-warhammer

Playing with pgp

April 6, 2012

Beautiful, isn’t it —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: BCPG v1.45 mQQNBE9+DBIBIAC4wQqktLWSgcz7+1q5ox3m5UOHE/utwVzb1IErl41hHW4rw9eN U3yCO0/MGFvJya1424FMvtFWPid5mmovGcVoroR4G5mujTc79jXp2Pug6p/arJQH frwLsVLFvFTCb53zElsHTaJg8Ucm9gP/8zocIv6MspWt75Y4a9MNqy4U9shQMa6m DQ1cBzaeuDUG2H+D/aqxP5JSAXOWXbqKsIITW/AIZwlJEHCzzio/FnOPjAFGp9sn Z+/zOqv2iLHGcWPt43plQHpQuiZPDKPOpudTu4KKlBFaJlRMplHvO5PfE9nCOmKv w0wfrPmkdY5MwrmDX6yyB8HY02+OoQYRtOFQZZQM/Xy5fCAbHBcilcnXYHeeNAM5 VrWC6SiZS2wcLbIyHWdC23bmcEmjKUZyztSMwMVxlqS7tTXXycqAJ69I6JN44JYk 7zRtqOvUQsiaS+Tfd9um1j6oOaRlR4O+/4YqwZup+39zkJTyXGp1n+/ZAv8KSQNj UL/XeHCMi0YU6HhQ4LHoCgsyOjoN3SGc9G+AA2P+4lAJcGo2zgVACJDf2z2rsw/A wQliJSWslIS/3p1sps4NjHGg6/HTrCAlNXepBkmHJinSpPdbp1hXbDfyT5QxtfSE d3pN9EaYFxaNK3L/aoyHrK1Va8o1ksap65bZI8valyS3uXEYOvCMpPZXyMTdlzZu n7t2r7eS+fNfFMRqbpWZYXu4/vtcGNBPX5iaJtCK2wpmORkEm7S12idoLq4x3nKo

Notch’s “secret”

April 3, 2012

We all know of the Easter egg in gaming like the cake room in portal or the headless ghostin skyrim but they have all been found quickly. Notch-the creater of minecraft- says that there is a easter egg in minecraft. Not just that but it has been in their for over a year! What is it… A crafting recipe maybe herobrine. The thing is no-ones found out.

minecraft- Texture pack review

February 19, 2012

What is a texture pack? A texture pack is a upgrade -or downgrade- in graphics which can improve the fps or make your game look fancy. Painterly pack This is a high textured customizable  pack. With easy to use custom choices and mod support.  The website is http://painterlypack.net/ Photo realism pack   WARNING- This is very high textured! Crashes may occur. This pack is hd and is amazing! If you like realism you…

Top 5… retro games

February 12, 2012

I requested a post from, my then, pre-teen nephew, about what games he was playing and what he enjoyed, here’s his eloquent reasoned response 🙂 Me and my friends have recently been noticing the change in gaming graphics, and I decided to collect my favourite retro games. 5. X-Com – OK there is not a great fan base for this game and it did die out quick but this game…